For Sydney Workshops advertised click here to reserve your spot. The Evolved Life Visions System product selection are bestselling multimedia training programs which ACTIVATE you to EXPAND and live to your life’s full potential. In each Program, you’ll find neuro - scientifically researched, practised and time-tested systems of evolved techniques and insights that people – including Celebrities, Royalty, CEOs, athletes, bestselling artists and medical professionals – use.

Activate the tools of the Evolved Guided Visualization Techniques™ (EGVT)  to see your life transform. Most of the systems and techniques in the market today are based on outdated information – some even using research dating back 30 – 40 years – this outdated Research is based on passive involvement within content, where you’re simply told what to do and how to feel as you practice them – without igniting any of your internal responses. How are you meant to Expand your life - without activating your brain and connecting to your hearts desires?
It’s all about how you activate your transformation with systems which are based and practised on the latest research and techniques, as the answers lie in the Neuroscientific programs on offer.
Through EGVT™ practices be activated to ignite long lasting transformation through a multi –dimensional approach. By activating your heart - mind connection – Scientifically proven to expand your senses to function at the Alpha and Theta levels of mind.

If you’re like most people who have tried in the past other systems in the market yet still haven’t been able to activate any lasting effects – the Program and Courses use a unique combination of activating quizzes, visualizations, manifestation, with meditations to achieve your Ideal Vision for your Life. The highly accredited, qualified team at The Evolved Life Visions Institute and our esteemed Council members - understand your Needs – to reject your negative, stressful behaviours to activate your highest potential and create the Life of Your Dreams.

Experience the Life Transforming Programs and Courses used by everyone - From Award-Winning Celebrities to Scientists to Corporations - and now to you.
Welcome and congratulations on taking the step to Evolve Your Life – across the world men and women are activating their heart mind connection to Create their Vision of an Ideal Life. But why do some of these people experience long lasting, multi-dimensional transformation – while you might still be stuck with unhappy relationships, career plateaus, financial battles, health concerns, with an overall feeling that something is missing in your career and personal life?

You can create these experiences - through a set of time-tested and highly refined techniques that come together to form an evolved lifestyle: one where you can overcome unwanted habits and beliefs, power your career, personal life, relationships and health, and even influence the lives of those around you.

Through using the EGVTs you will be activated to have the power to change your life according to your life!
Studies show that having multiple consumption methods can help you absorb information better. That’s why on top of the audios, we include Workbooks and Programs you can use in tandem with audio sessions. Highlights include:
Worksheets and quizzes for getting even more out of your Sessions.
Vision Journal exercises to Create Your Vision of an Ideal Life.
Evaluation and Journaling tools to help you track your progress and identify the areas you need to work more on.

This Process is the only System in the market which is absolutely personalized to YOUR NEEDS. Upon completion of any our programs or courses you will become a certified visionary life coach and evolutionary!
The Techniques have been researched in universities around the world and its benefits are scientifically proven. This is how you can expect to MAXIMISE YOUR LIFE
Open your awareness and attract the universal power and knowledge to maximise and expand your life to heights you have only ever dreamed of.
Create Your Vision of your Ideal Lifestyle - Live in Love, Happiness, Health and Wealth.
Our Evolved Life Vision Programs are so much more than motivational self-help. Motivational self-help courses usually leave you on a high for a few days but people often revert to their old ways after several weeks. This is as other self – help courses as they do not contain any Activation – they do not engage the natural state of the body which evoke transformation.

Studies have shown that our Programs lead you to become happier with a positive outlook. But most of all, you will Maximise your life as you learn to live from the heart – mind connection. You will see instant life transforming results as you transcend to Live your Ideal Life. Whatever stage of life you are in, the Evolved Life Visions systems will Evolve Your Life as you open your life’s purpose and provide meaning to your life.

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Visualization is one of the most important tools we have for creating and maintaining good health as fundamental healing comes from within.
You will learn a variety of evolved visualization and imagery techniques designed to Evolve, Maximize and Expand your natural harmony for Physical and Emotional Wellness.

Visualization for Cancer Therapy
These results have been studied and endorsed by a variety of scientists and medical practitioners. Results showed visualization with imagery reduced pain, and some of the side effects of chemotherapy including nausea and vomiting. The Cancer Council (UK) supporting visualization techniques endorsing as one of the most popular types of complementary therapy that people with cancer could use.

Dr. Patricia Norrisson, described visualization in modern cancer therapy as "certain techniques used, enabled people to influence their own internal body processes. With the techniques and processes used in the EGVT – providing a step by step guide to assist your body in healing and relaxation specialized to work in conjunction with chemotherapy treatments.
Visualization for Pain Relief
"I have lived with chronic pain from non-diabetic neuropathy for almost ten years. During this time I have spent thousands of dollars on ever type of alternative therapy including massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc., to relieve my pain. My pain doctor had been able to relieve some of the pain with high doses of narcotics and I have been able to function semi-normally. Recently, however, I have become increasingly depressed from the amount of drugs I was on and the pain I had.

I run a chronic pain group when I discovered and completed the Evolved Visualization for Wellness Progran – I now my groups and use these tecniques of visualization for relief from neuropathy. Naturally I was skeptical at first, but as I wasa able to relieve the pain of everyone in our group with a few techniques I was sold. I signed up for the Advanced Training Course on visualization for pain.

Once I began using the short routine, my pain decreased dramatically and I stopped taking 6 Norco (Codeine) tablets daily. I am now progressing on eliminating the other narcotics I am on. I am feeling wonderful about getting my life back! My husband and my doctor are both amazed! I tell everyone I meet to go take the course and learn how to help yourself." -- Jane Holts.

"I am so amazed at how great I feel! I am so tickled about how well this works! I didn't use any of my pain medicine the next day. I am now interested in learning about becoming certified in evolved visualization techniques to help others. -- Samantha Lang.

"I was suffering from a back injury when I came across ELVS and requested over-the-phone visualization and hypnosis with Nicole. I definitely felt relief and more relaxed after my hypnosis session. Now I am enabled to manage my pain and anxiety over my herniated disc." -- Susanna Piper, singer & songwriter

"Thank you! I was suffering immensely from a fused ankle and the 6 preceding surgeries when I took your class. I was able to stop the pain and the ankle healed perfectly. Your healthy motto reminder is still on my vanity mirror and I say it everyday. I feel great now!" -- Kelly Finette
Help yourself and help others – alleviate unnecessary, de-habilitating pain in your Life.
Embark on your Evolved Visualization for Wellness Programs and Courses.
Have you ever thought - What would your life be like if you could write your own script for your future?

What kind of person would you meet?

What kind of relationship would you have if you were the one in charge of making things happen for yourself?

Be activated through the Create Your Ideal Love audio sessions and courses and Attract Love in Your Life.
To have relationships full of meaning and mutual respect – is a skill. These skills can all be learned and practiced, regardless of your current relationship situation or level of experience. They can help any relationship, including your relationship with yourself.

These skills will support everyone involved and often (but not always) come from experience. Fortunately, they can be consciously cultivated independent of (or in preparation for) experience. The ethical and practical advantage of conscious cultivation is that you’ll probably cause less heartache and wreckage, for yourself and others. Just "winging it” with intimate relationships, expecting to do all your learning on the fly, tends to turn people into crash test dummies with lots of heartache and break.

These skills aren’t just a solo thing, but they are an individual matter. They’re about how to conduct yourself responsibly and kindly. Never forget that relationships are comprised of individuals — and that begins with you.
We were born to be Happy! Develop your positivity and have Happiness in Your Life.

Whether you want to change something in your life or want to draw something to you, you have the ability to create your own destiny.

People who are happy and successful did not come across some magic potion to create the perfect life.

Everything you need to create the things you want or need in your life are available within you, you just need to learn to tap into that mind - heart connection – feel the power and Create Your Vision of a Happy Life.

Download the BE HAPPY audio session and unlock the secret to lasting Happiness.

Listening to the audio sessions, you will learn how to enter the Alpha level at will and then to use your creative mind to help you think of solutions to problems, enhance creativity or let inspiration flow. Do you feel stagnate in your career? Are you looking for a promotion? Or perhaps you are seeking a complete career change?

Visualization techniques have been used to start new businesses, create works of art, literature and music. Many top athletes use visualization techniques to reduce anxiety, improve concentration and enhance performance. Tennis star Chris Evert, for example, says she tried to visualize opponents' shots, form and strategy before championship matches. She then pictured how she would counter their manoeuvres.


Jack Nicklaus gives the following description of how he programs his internal "bio-computer" before golf tournaments: "I never hit a shot, even in practice, without having a sharp, in-focus picture of it in my head. It's like a color movie. First, I 'see' the ball where I want it to finish…I 'see' the ball going there: its path, trajectory and shape…the next scene shows me making the kind of swing that will turn the previous image into reality."

As in sports, in your career - a high level of performance is required. Use visualization techniques to build creativity in the workplace, confidence and reduce anxiety.

Experience the pinnacle in scientific and spiritual SELF – EMPOWERMENT Programs and Life Coaching Courses.
Intensive research with practise has proved that your life can be enriched and transformed through Programs offered exclusively through our website. All of the multimedia home training programs are designed to give you the foundations of our guided visualization techniques. It’s like being at one of our seminars – but from the comfort of your home and in your own time.

Spread out across several topics the Programs cover the key areas of your life, including:
  • The most popular and effective empowering techniques, designed for you to Create Your Vision of Your Ideal Life
  • Immersive audio sessions and complementing workbooks
  • Transcending insights into how your heart mind connection works and how to awaken its full potential delivered by President of Evolved Life Visions, Nicole T Harcourt.
Experience the pinnacle in Scientific and Spiritual TRAINING COURSES and AFFILIATE PROGRAMS

ELVS offers Training Courses which guarantee a career transformation, containing everything you need to become an: Accredited EGVTs practitioner, Workshop Guide, Certified Life Coach or one of our Elite Trainers.

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