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Nicole T Harcourt

Nicole is an #1 International Bestselling Author and a sought after Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Television Presenter in the LifeStyle arena who helps people transform and evolve to live extraordinary lives through her coaching, business, and life styling practice.

Following a career working in London with media giants BBC, Virgin and presenting for Tv, after living in the USA and going through some major life changes and resulting revelations - Nicole decided to pursue her dream of helping others based on her experiences to evolve lives to create Success through Science and Spirituality.

With a Masters Degree in the field of Communications, an avid learner Nicole further studied neuroscience and advanced techniques in clinical hypnotherapy. It is during this time Nicole realized and evolved the link between neuroscience, hypnotherapy and visualization techniques - termed Neurotherapy. Combined together to activate Change in clients behavioural patterns clients have seen results which last. These techniques have been scientically researched, developed and practised in line with a spiritual and social perspective to become the world known Evolved Guided Visualization Techniques. These groundbreaking, multi dimensional techniques are used by CEOS; Elite Athletes; Corporations and Individuals who want to maximize and deliver their potential and results.

Nicole is a certified Life Coach (IICS), a certified Hypnotherapist (IHA) and is the President of the World Alliance of Life Coaches (WAOLS/WAOLC). Nicole is a multiple 7-figure business owner who travels the world enjoying a most meaningful career with an evolved outlook to life with a lifestyle which has purpose, and is full of happiness, love and peace.



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