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A Divergent Path the #1 Bestseller in Motivational #1 Bestseller in Self Help #1 Bestseller in Meditation
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Life is what you make of it, are you making the most out of yours? It is never too late to learn how to live in the creative light of your potential. Be guided by soulful purpose to a whole new path of dazzling possibilities and live an evolved life beyond the one of selfishness or fear. 
Take A Divergent Path and move forward in the right direction with a practical action plan. Guided practices create a life luminous with meaningful success, inspiring you to live from your deepest level, empowered to change a stressful, troubled life into a calm, serene and highly successful one.   Be introduced to the success principles of some of the most successful people on the planet and the techniques practiced by Celebrities, Royalty, CEOs, athletes, bestselling artists and medical professionals. Be limitless in your potential.

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