Wellness concerns us all. For anyone who has ever experienced a de-habilitating health issue – you know that in fact – Health is Everything.

Tools and Techniques experienced and taught in our Wellness Programs will have you become the master or mistress of your Health. Erase out those old beliefs that we are not responsible for our health, that a Doctor or an outside authority will cure us. Learn how to become in tune with your body. Learn how to listen and to become the authority on your health and overall Wellness.


The Mind/Body Connection
Researchers long have believed that thoughts affect physical health. For thousands of years, medicine men, Hindu masters and other ancient civilizations worldwide have used visualization techniques to harness the power of their minds to reap physical manifestations. World-class athletes, and even NASA astronauts have adopted the practice to achieve peak performance.

Visualization Techniques of the Evolved Guided Visualization Techniques™ are used in more than 3,000 hospitals nationwide, including Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, the Cleveland Clinic, health centers in California and cancer care centers in Portland, OR. When used in combination with other therapies, the technique helps patients cope with chronic pain, cancer, chemotherapy treatments and other debilitating illnesses

And it works.
Research with our Results shows Visualization can reduce stress and diminish depression. In one study, published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, levels of the stress hormone cortisol dropped significantly after participants engaged in Visualization Techniques. Researchers concluded that when anxiety-producing information is replaced with happier, more positive images, people relax and feel better.

Gain Power over your Health
The Visualization Techniques will help you to imagine circumstances in your healthy life unfolding exactly as you want – perfectly. As the scene plays out in your mind and you feel the powerful emotions that come with those positive images, the scenarios of wellness will actually begin to play out in your life. Your cells will be renewed and ailments improved and even can lead to result in complete cure.

Visualization for Cancer Therapy

These results have been studied and endorsed by a variety of scientists and medical practitioners.Results showed visualization with imagery reduced pain, and some of the side effects of chemotherapy including nausea and vomiting. The Cancer Council supporting visualization techniques endorsing as one of the most popular types of complementary therapy that people with cancer could use.

Dr. Patricia Norrisson, described visualization in modern cancer therapy as "certain techniques used, enabled people to influence their own internal body processes. With the techniques and processes used in the EGVT – providing a step by step guide to assist your body in healing and relaxation specialized to work in conjunction with chemotherapy treatments.

Visualization for Pain Relief

"I have lived with chronic pain from non-diabetic neuropathy for almost ten years. During this time I have spent thousands of dollars on ever type of alternative therapy including massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc., to relieve my pain. My pain doctor had been able to relieve some of the pain with high doses of narcotics and I have been able to function semi-normally. Recently, however, I have become increasingly depressed from the amount of drugs I was on and the pain I had.

I run a chronic pain group when I discovered and completed the Evolved Visualization for Wellness Program – I now run my groups and use these techniques of visualization for relief from neuropathy. Naturally I was skeptical at first, but as I was able to relieve the pain of everyone in our group with a few techniques and I was sold. I signed up for the Advanced Training Course on visualization for pain."

Once I began using the short routine, my pain decreased dramatically and I stopped taking 6 Norco (Codeine) tablets daily. I am now progressing on eliminating the other narcotics I am on. I am feeling wonderful about getting my life back! My husband and my doctor are both amazed! I tell everyone I meet to go take the course and learn how to help yourself." -- Jane Holts.

"I am so amazed at how great I feel! I am so tickled about how well this works! I didn't use any of my pain medicine the next day. I am now interested in learning about becoming certified in evolved visualization techniques to help others. -- Samantha Lang.

"I was suffering from a back injury when I came across ELVS and requested over-the-phone visualization and hypnosis with a Mentor. I definitely felt relief and more relaxed after my hypnosis session. Now I am enabled to manage my pain and anxiety over my herniated disc." -- Susanna Piper, singer & songwriter

"Thank you! I was suffering immensely from a fused ankle and the 6 preceding surgeries when I took your class. I was able to stop the pain and the ankle healed perfectly. Your healthy motto reminder is still on my vanity mirror and I say it everyday. I feel great now!" -- Kelly Finette

Help yourself and help others – alleviate unnecessary, de-habilitating pain in your Life.
The Mind is so Powerful
Feel it, Imagine it, and Accelerate your Healing Process


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