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Trained in Evolved Life Vision techniques, specialized Life Vision Coaches inspire the integrated holistic development of our MULTI SENSES to activate the dreams we were born to achieve.

Abilities through Activating Practices.

The EGVT ELVS Course is a 6 week course with online guides and access to video downloads. Fast and easy the online guides including 2 Comprehensive Modules with over 300 pages of worksheets; quizzes and client interaction outlines. Practical and enjoyable become a Visionary Evolutionary and complete an Evolved Life Visios Cou
Take your life, career and the lives of your clients to a evolved level of living 
and success.
Numerous university research and case studies incorporating interdisciplinary
studies ranging from biology, psychology, linguistics and more, have recently
proven that each one of us can transform how we think, what we believe about
ourselves and achieve by activating our multisensory abilities!
The ‘I couldn’t do that’ excuse has been offset by recent neurological research
showing the large brains humans have , gives them the capacity to be fully self
aware and make conscious and complex choices about how to act and to develop
good interpersonal skills.
We can ‘rewire’ out thought processes to identify, assess and control our actions.
One of the most important part of ‘rewiring’ is learning to use our multi-senses
instead of our ‘fight or flight’ sense.
Our multi-senses are the integration of an ‘open mind’, ‘heart-felt feelings’ and ‘soul
sense’- what we intuitively know is the good thing to do.
Awareness of our multi-senses and activating them gives the ability to visualize the
outcome of our actions in an intrinsic and intangible form. That is, we understand
for example, that by loving what we do, we are rewarded with feelings of joy and
contentment and the success which goes with this.
This evolves us from reacting to our primary activation –threat.
It has been medically documented that responding to threat is equivalent to the
response the brain registers to actual physical pain. This stress builds up and is
toxic to all aspects of our being-well.
To respond to reward -rather than threat -is a multi-sensory process and consists
of open-minded thinking, heart-felt feelings and our soul-sense to intuit future



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