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  • Potential Executive-level pay without Executive-level stress plus working from home. 
  • Miss your kids? Working way too much for way too little? Potential to earn executive level pay from home. 
  • No education, no experience, no matter! Got drive & desire? UNMATCHED profit potential.
  • A business that works – what a novel concept! Are you looking for a lucrative coaching business model? 
  • Serious coach and entrepreneur? Looking for serious profits. No franchise fees, no royalties, fastest growing opp in fastest growing industry. 
  • Position yourself as a ELITE Coach is your ticket to a greater life of happiness and service:
    1. Becoming a Elite Coach is your ticket to charging what you’re worth – without having to feel guilty
    As a Elite Coach, you’ll actually deliver more value and transformation because the dedicated focus your clients get from your high-end services. This intense transformation can yield deeper and faster results for your clients than the trickling effect of standard one-on-one coaching throughout the course of many months or even year – so your clients will actually be getting more value and faster results from you — and they’ll love you for it too.
    2. Becoming a Elite Coach is your ticket to having a 6-figure income – without burning out or feeling overwhelmed
    Getting paid by the hour – even if you’re fully booked – will have an income ceiling. And there are only so many extra hours you can pull off before burning out.
    As a Elite Coach with high-end services, you don’t need to work around the clock to earn the income you dream of. You’ll also never have to worry about having enough to pay the bills at the end of each month. This means you can truly make your business about serving the people whose lives you want to make a difference in — without stress, burning out or feeling overwhelmed — while enjoying the luxurious lifestyle you dream of.
    3. Becoming a Elite Coach will create a luxurious lifestyle you dream of – while fulfilling your purpose
    Many women believe that serving our purpose requires us to sacrifice our desires. Nothing could be further than the truth. Let me share a bit of my own experience to show you why. Many years ago, I wasn’t living the dream life that I have now. I was struggling financially and wasted many days being so terrified that I wouldn’t be able to pay for rent or the groceries. But what was even more frustrating for me than the terror of the financial struggle was the fact that I was not living my purpose. It was very frustrating to know that I had all these talents, gifts, education, training and willingness to serve… but I wasn’t being used.
    When I learned how to transform my money story and activate my wealth consciousness, that was when the doors of possibilities and contribution opened up for me and I was better enabled — financially, emotionally, mentally — to truly make myself of service to the world and fulfill my purpose. And because I successfully made this happen for me, I know it can happen to you too.
    Yes, I really do want to become a Elite Coach. But how do I know if I’m qualified?
    First of all, let’s dive in deeper and look at what it means to be a Elite Coach. Many women I know are scared to charge what they’re really worth because they think that being a Premium Coach is simply about raising their prices. And they immediately feel unqualified to do that. A Elite Coach, however, has a different mindset. It’s a mindset of creating a bigger container — a bigger space for transformation — where your clients can truly thrive and grow, and where you can fully utilise your gifts and talents and finally charge top dollar for what you are really worth. 
    It’s about giving your clients more opportunities to transform through a diversified platform of premium services — instead of keeping yourself and your clients stuck in a smaller container of one-on-one coaching.  
    Let’s face it. When you do the same thing over and over again, things start getting a little stale right? That’s why you need diversity. 
    It’s not just about taking yourself to the next level, it’s also about taking your clients to the next level of transformation. To give them deeper and more meaningful opportunities for growth as they too develop beyond the space of one-on-one coaching. 
    As you take you and your business higher, you also take your clients higher and higher. On top of the fulfilling satisfaction to create a bigger impact, you’ll also be earning what you’re really worth and finally enjoy the dream lifestyle and freedom you’ve always envisioned for yourself — freedom to spend more time with your loved ones, freedom to travel, freedom to engage in hobbies that really light you up, freedom to indulge in luxuries, freedom to be truly YOU.  
    So let’s summarise this and look at what you need to be qualified as a Elite Coach: A determined mindset to achieve the next level of transformation for yourself, your business and your clients. A burning desire to live your dream lifestyle and be living proof that this too is possible for your clients to achieve An unwavering dedication to deliver more value to your clientsthrough bigger containers that offer deeper and more meaningful opportunities for growth 
    If you’ve said "YES! YESYES!” to all of these, then congratulations! You have everything you need to be a Elite Coach. So what’s your next step? Well, this is exactly what I’m here to show you, just as I’ve already guided hundreds of other women transformational coaches like become a successful Elite Coach and start living the luxurious lifestyle of their dreams in 6 months or less! 
    Why should you trust us to help you become a Elite Coach? 
    We have trained CEOs, Celebrities and even Royalty with our Elite Coaching Programs and now we want to train you! Take part in our special offer for our 6 week training course in 2016 and Register your interest now!



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